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Free On-Site Check-up

Complimentary on-site checkup to assess your network and to give you helpful feedback.

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New Device Setup

Properly configure computers, printers, and routers so that they will work efficiently and keep your company data secure.

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Computer Maintenance

Regular hardware checks and life-cycle maintenance to prevent critical devices from poorly-timed failure.

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Virus & Popup Protection

Essential protection from malware threats to your business data and your internet browsing free from hijacking and popups.

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Regular Backups

Ensure the safety of business data from loss, hard drive failure, and damaging viruses. Easily restore data should the worst occur.

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Network Security

Having your network configured by a certified professional will keep your network protected and running efficiently.

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On-Site & Remote Support

We are flexibile in the way we provide service, offering the convienence of remote fixes or on-site support for critical issues.

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Malware Removal

When malware breaks through the defenses, we are highly trained in safely removing the threat and restoring your system.

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Preventative Care

We are proactive with hardware replacement and software upgrades to ensure that failure and issues are prevented.

Service Details

In-Depth Details On Essential Services

Regular Maintenance

Just like regular oil changes are essential for a car, computers need regular tune-ups. Regular hardware checks and life-cycle maintenance are needed to prevent critical devices from poorly-timed failure. Having an experienced eye look over your network and a establishing a regular maintenance plan will go a long way to mitigating the risks. Through our experience and regular maintenance, your systems will be more reliable and achieve better uptime.

Virus Protection

From messing with the critical settings to stealing your employee records and banking information, malware threats are not an item of the past. Typically, it only takes a small amount of exposure (such as navigating to a bad site) to allow a dangerous virus in. These threats will expose your data and put your business at risk. Just having anti-virus protection is not enough. Anti-virus programs that not regularly looked after by an experienced technician will be overrun by malicious programs. Our essential protection and maintenance will keep your computers safe and running efficiently.

Data Backup

Data that is lost in times of crisis can not be recovered without a proper backup. Whether your data becomes encryped and unuseable because of a crypto virus or your storage device fails, data backup is critical to the success of your business. Your invaluable business data needs to be securely backed up to prevent these cripling losses. We will work with you to establish a solid backup plan to ensure that you will not be set back should the worst happen!

Network Security

Having your network secured by the most current standards is key to preventing your business data from being hacked. These breaches have often occurred because the proper protocols and securities were not in place. Allow our certified professionals safeguard your network and set your defenses up properly. We will work to keep your business data private and ensure that access to your network is properly locked down.

New Device Setup

Manufacturers ship new computers, phones, tablets, and routers with the defenses down. Through a simple Google search, anyone can find your Wi-Fi router's default password. Computers only come with trial Anti-Virus software running - not fully set up or keeping you safe. No matter the device, steps to properly configure it need to be taken before you start using it. To assure that you are getting the most out of your devices and that they are secure, we will consistently handle the set up of your devices.

Questions & Answers

The Big Questions with Straight Answers.
What is the advantage of your services as opposed to full-time IT staff?
We offer services that keep your business IT needs met at prices you can afford. Our target customers are small businesses looking for all of the advantages of dedicated technical support without the high expenses.
What is your goal in serving our business?
Our goal is to provide excellent service and support that helps you get the most out of your technology and lowers the cost you spend on IT services. The expense is enormous when systems fall into disrepair or fail all-together. Consistent service and support is much more cost effect in the long run and goes a long way to preventing those expensive incidents.
How many service hours a month do small businesses typically need?
Small businesses typically require 4 to 8 hours a month of dedicated IT service and support. Depending on the number of computers needing service, we will work with you to scale the hours you need to support your office setup. As a rule, if you have 1 to 3 computers needing service, 2 hours a month is recommended. The software you are willing to invest in will also be a factor in the number of hours needed.
What is the difference between your Service and Support?
We spend Service hours remotely and on-site performing maintenance on your computers and laptops. This includes doing updates, protecting your computers from viruses looking to compromise your systems, and making sure that your computers give you solid performance. Support hours on the other hand entail same-day support to assist in failing systems and to troubleshoot technical issues.

Pricing Details

Pricing That Is Fair & Affordable


  • 1-3 Computers Supported
  • Remote & On-site Assistance
  • Regular Maintenance & Backups
  • Malware & Popup Protection
  • Phone & Email Support


Most Popular
  • 4-6 Computers Supported
  • Remote & On-site Assistance
  • Regular Maintenance & Backups
  • Malware & Popup Protection
  • Phone & Email Support


  • 7-10 Computers Supported
  • Remote & On-site Assistance
  • Regular Maintenance & Backups
  • Malware & Popup Protection
  • Phone & Email Support

Free On-Site Checkup

We will come on-site to do a surface check and show you what we can do!

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We will work tirelessly to keep your business safe and running efficiently.