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Computer Repair Services

Your Computer Back In Action, Running Efficiently.
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Free Diagnosis

While many repair shops charge high fees to diganose computer issues, we freely assess the problem with a high degree of certainty.

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Virus & Popup Removal

We specialize in safe recovery from virus infections, spyware threats, annoying popups, and hijacked Internet browsers.

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New Device Setup

Let us get you off to a good start by allowing us to properly and securely set up your new computer, printer, or Wi-Fi.

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On-Site & Remote Support

Depending on the type of repair, we offer the flexibility of on-site or remote support to best accommodate your busy schedule.

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Operating System Upgrades

Because of our experience and expertise, we can confidently handle your important Operating System or software upgrades.

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Slow Computer Repair

If you wish your frustratingly slow computer would run like when you first bought it, bring it to us and wish no more!

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Hard Drive Recovery

Caught by hard drive failure without a backup of your data? We do not charge the high fees that data recover shops mercilessly charge.

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Secure Wi-Fi Setup

To prevent a breach of your Wi-Fi network (and the ensuing identify theft), let us set up your router by the current security standards.

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Technology Coaching

As new devices and software are released daily, let us keep you on top of getting the most from your devices and software!


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Questions & Answers

The Big Questions with Straight Answers.
How did I most likely get the virus or popups?
The Internet is a great resource and way for people to connect. Unfortunately, it is also a ripe location for scammers to set up unsuspecting traps for even the most safety conscious. Simply going to the wrong site or clicking on a seemingly harmless ad can allow malware access to your computer. Once on your computer, many programs are intelligent enough to disable a computers anti-virus defenses, download more viruses and spyware programs, and search your hard drive for personal information to steal.
Why would someone try to infect my computer with a virus or popups?
For the most part, hacking previously consisted of harmless (or not so harmless) attempts to "mess with" or even crash a computer. But today, the motive has become more focused on information that can be gained to exploit personal or business finances. In a less dangerous outcome, a scammer may sell your personal information to marketing companies. But worse, if a scammer is able to find enough personal information on your computer (such as account details or last years tax records), that information can be used to duplicate your credit cards or open lines of credit with your personal information.
How can you help me protect against viruses and popups getting on my computer?
A big part of safe computer use is education and learning what to look out for. In the Banking industry, clerks learn what good money feels and looks like so that they will know fake money when they come across it. Safe Internet use is much the same way - you need to be trained and highly familiar with what a safe site looks and feels like. But instincts are not enough - you also need to have the tools to keep your personal information safe and to warn you when you are about to go to a bad site. We will educate you on safe computer use and give you the tools you need to protect your personal information from being stolen.
What is the Home Support cost based on?
Our Home Customer price is based on the average amount of time it takes to remove a virus from a computer and make sure the computer is running efficiently. Since the national average computer shop charges $100 an hour or more, our prices are both top-notch and affordable!

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  • Free Diagnosis
  • Fast Convienent Support
  • Great for Virus & Popup Removal
  • Certified Professional Support
  • Phone & Email Support


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  • Free Diagnosis
  • On-Site & Remote Assistance
  • Malware Removal & Computer Cleanup
  • Software & Hardware Upgrades
  • Certified Professional Support


  • Free Diagnosis
  • First Visit Cost Included
  • Regular Monthly Maintenance
  • Regular Malware Removal
  • On-Site & Remote Help

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We will diagnose your computer issue free of charge!

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