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Web Design Features

How We Make Bold & Beautiful Sites
Responsive Layout

Clean & Fresh Layout

Stunning layouts that are pleasing to the eye, lack clutter, and keep the focus where you want it to be.

Retina Graphics

Responsive Design

Layouts designed to be fully responsive and to adapt to any screen size, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Powerful Performance

Beautiful Graphics

From high resolution backgrounds to tiny icons, our sites are complimented by crisp images, optimized for fast loading.

Responsive Layout

Attractive Templates

The wide variety of quality templates available gives a sea of options and assures a layout that you can boast of.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Each design is highly customizable and the underlying code can easily be modified, unlike WordPress or any other CMS.

Powerful Performance

Current Standards

Our sites use the newest coding standards while taking backward compatability for older browsers into consideration.

Affordable Cost

Affordable Cost

The prices are affordable and fair to the amount of site content. We will work to give you a price you are happy with.

Retina Graphics

SEO Friendly

We take SEO seriously when designing our sites. Good coding habits go a long way in earning a top SEO ranking.

Powerful Performance

Regular Maintenance

Whether or not we designed your site, we can maintain your site with regular backups and updates to keep it in great shape.

Questions & Answers

The Big Questions with Straight Answers.
How do your Web Design services work?
As part of your free consultation, we review your site, work up a design, and meet with you to work through your specific needs for the site. Site development is often complete within a month. Our site designs rely on site templates that have been worked to perfection by expert designers and customized by us to fit your needs.
What type of Web Design do you guarantee?
We design our sites to be fully responsive and to be coded by modern HTML5 / CSS3 standards. Our sites display nicely on tablet and mobile devices and we make sure they are optimized for quality and speed, no matter the platform.
What is the average cost to redesign a website?
The typical cost is between $1500-4000, based on the amount of content needed on the site. For an additional fee, we have a professional graphics designer who can work with you to produce high quality photos and graphics to add beauty to your site.
How does our website get maintained?
We charge a standard hourly rate of $50 for monthly updates, site backup, regular up-time checks, minor changes, and upkeep.
Are your sites SEO friendly?
Our sites are SEO friendly as we are careful to use current coding standards. For maximum customer appeal, we also work with you to customize how your site and business will appear on search engines.

Pricing Details

Pricing That Is Fair & Affordable


  • Informational Site
  • Simple Single or Multi-Page
  • Wedding / Event Announcements
  • Multiple Attractive Templates
  • Features Beautiful Graphics


Most Popular
  • Single or Multi-Page
  • Professional Grade Site
  • Informational + Functionality
  • Multiple Attractive Templates
  • Features Beautiful Graphics

Web Site Maintenance

  • Site Status Checks
  • Regular Site Backups
  • Consistent Site Updates
  • Requested Content Changes
  • Phone & Email Support

Free Site Consult

We review your site and give you helpful feedback.

Payment Options

Accepts Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards.

Monthly Payment Plan

Monthly Payment plan available for Personal or Professional site design costs.

Our Guarantee

We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your new site!